06 September, 2008

Asukayama Koen (Asukayama Park) / Kita ward

Asukayama park is located in Kita ward; the far north side in Tokyo. Next to the Kita ward is Saitama prefecture. This park is a little bit far from our house, it takes about an hour on foot, so very suitable for our weekend walking.

I have introduced lots of parks/gardens located in Tokyo in this weblog thus far (please check the tug “garden” in the left column). Each of the parks has a long history, and most of them were once the garden built for Shogun, Daimyo or other tycoons as a part of their mansion. This Asukayama park has also a long history, but, was not established for tycoons. From the beginning of the history, this park has been loved by commons. In Edo era, this hill had become very famous for Hanami, cherry blossom seeing. Many common people carrying lunch box gathered from all over the Edo(Tokyo) area to enjoy cherry blossom. You can find the scene in Ukiyoe even now.

The classic Rakugo(comic storytelling) titled "Nagaya no Hanami"(Hanami party in tenement’s style) was also set in this Asukayama in Edo era. It’s a funny story. You will see the elation of the common people who enjoyed the picnic here several hundreds years ago.  

And even now, this place is an oasis in the Tokyo desert.

People doing Tai Chi (Tai Kyoku Ken).

The north end of the park fronts onto the platform of JR Oji station.

The closest stations are Oji (JR, Keihintohoku line) and Asukayama (Tram).

To tell the truth, I've never visited here in Cherry blossom season. Next spring, I'll take Sakura photo and introduce you.