28 October, 2007

Kaiseki cuisine @Sugamo Tamura

I'd like to say very sorry I haven't posted for a long time..... if there are any kind guys who look forward to reading my new article. You do? Wow, I appreciate it!

Actually, I've been suffered from my PC trouble since this July. My PC does shutdown & reboot automatically every 20 minutes. It could be a fatal damage for a slow hand-writer like me, and this is why I haven't renewed this blog for 3 months long. I think it may be a sign of the time for the PC replacement. Good grief... Anyway, the times they are a changing, regardless of the PC trouble. The hot and muggy summer has gone. It's time for new posting. I don't give a damn about rebooting!

Today I'll introduce the autumn flavors what we enjoyed last month. We had a gorgeous(!) Kaiseki lunch in Ryoutei, Japanese traditional restaurant.

Kaiseki Ryori (Kaiseki cuisine) is a kind of Japanese most authentic and traditional full course cuisine. The base-line of Kaiseki is soup+sashimi+grilled fish+simmerd vegetable. Adding to that, meat, seasonal ingridients and some deserts are lined up by the artistic sense of the cook. You can enjoy that delicate flavors, textures, taste and appearance.

The theme of that day was "early autumn".

1st dishes

From the upper left to bottom right, Kurumi Dohfu(walnut-Tofu), Tamagoyaki(Japanese style omelet)+ beans with sweetened miso-paste, Prawn-sushi + Canard viande, Gindara Saikyouyaki(grilled sablefish with miso flavor), Terrine + eschalot.

2nd dish
Clear soup with mashroom.

3rd dish

Sashimi; very fatty tuna.

4th dish

Tempra; Kisu(Sillago), Shishitou(green chilli pepper), Shiitake, Shimeji, Sweet potato, etc.

5th dish

Simmered vegetables. The texture and flavor was so delicate.

It was in a cute bowl.


Miso soup and rice with otsukemono(pickles).
Basically, they serve plain white rice for closing, but Sekihan(red rice) was served at that time.
Usually, Sekihan is served as a congratulant meal.


Did you enjoy the lunch?

Sugamo Tamura; the Ryoutei where we enjoyed the Kaiseki lunch.
(from Tamura's website; http://www.sugamotamura.co.jp/)
I think its a very good Ryoutei where you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine with comparatively reasonable prices.

Tamura is located next to the Shinsho-ji temple. Around 5 minutes from JR Sugamo station.

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