29 April, 2007

Sakura @Mitsui Club / Mita, Minato ward

Since the end of March, it has been a very busy days and I couldn't have chances to go around ohanami area and to take sakura(cherry blossom) photos.
On the second Sunday in April, I barely took photos of the last sakura of this season.

Sakura blossom season is very short. but after the sakura petals fall off, there are fresh and bright green leaves. these leaves shine brightly with the spring sunlight. I love this scene. it's beautiful. I can feel the vital energy of nature.
Will you laugh at me, if I say I feel it is very symbolic that this event come off at the Easter season?

Let me talk about the place where these pics were taken.
The Mitsui Club at Mita. That was the building next to the Australian Embasy.
The building was built in 1913 as a guest house of the Mitsui conglomerates. The architect was Josiah Conder, father of Japanese modern architecture. Last autumn I posted Condor's other piece of arcitecture, the Furukawa residense. Unlike the Furukawa residense, which is British classical-style architecture, the Mitsui Club has a Renaissanse design.

The Mitsui Club has a beautiful garden.

Yamabuki(Kerria Japonica) flowers were in full bloom. A color named yamabuki-iro(yamabuki-color) has been used as the color of gold or gold currency. Nowadays I can barely find this expression in poems or histrical dramas. Can you imagine this color as gold currency?

Sakura petals were falling on yamabuki leaves.

Tsunamachi Mitsui Club
Closest station: Azabu Ju-ban (Nanboku line of Tokyo Metro)

There is a fancy restaurant. Don't forget your jacket and to make a reservation!

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