26 October, 2006

Autumn Rose Festival / Kyu Furukawa teien (Former Furukawa Garden)

People often call this garden "Furukawa teien", but the formal name is "Kyu Furukawa teien"(means "former Furukawa garden").

Originally, this place was owned by viscount Mutsu Munemitsu, major cabinet member of Meiji government. When Munemitsu's 2nd son married into Furukawa family who ran the Furukawa conglomerates, this place was passed on to Furukawa family. Furukawa built a western house and a western garden on the top of the hill. This western house and garden was designed by British architect Josiah Conder, the father of Japanese architecture. They also made a Japanese garden on the foot of the hill.
In Showa-era, the ownership was transferred from Furukawa family to Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and nowadays this garden has been opened to the public. It's very interesting garden. You would be surprised that western style and Japanese style are present simultaneously without any incongruity.

The autumn rose festival has been held at Frukawa teien till November 5th, and I(Shige) visited to take photos (Unfortunetely, Lee couldn't enter there).

It was gorgeous with full bloomed roses. Even for I'm not familiar with the gardening, I could imagine the enormous efforts must be needed to keep this wonderful roses.

There were many photographers all over the garden.

Under the woods behind the roses, there is a Japanese garden.

There are some small tea houses among the trees. You can enjoy a maccha green tea and sweets there.

Some leaves began to turn red and gold. I heard that the autumn leaves are also wonderful. You can enjoy it in mid or late Norvember.

Kyu Furukawa teien official HP(English / Japanese)
You can go there from Nishigahara of the subway Tokyo Metro, or Komagome of the Yamanote-line JR / the subway Tokyo Metro.
I'll visit there again on late November and report the autumn leaves.

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19 October, 2006

Fervor, excitement and euphoria. / Oeshiki report, 18th Oct.

I got off the Yamanote-line at Mejiro station and walked along the Mejiro-St. toward Chitosebashi. The time was around 21:30. Until I walked by the front of Gakushuin Kindergarten, it had been quiet and calm Mejiro as usual. As I passed by the front of the Mejiro police station, I could hear the heavy and deep beat of drums. It was like rumbling of the earth.

There are various type of illuminated Mantou... I heard that the number of Mantou reached around 50 in the parade.

Young guys are playing Matoi. They compete their Matoi performance.

A little kid(white costume) is playing Matoi with his mother(blue).

Beating drums, swaying to the rhythm and stomping their feet.

I really regret I couldn't report this atmosphere to you with the sound and the movie.

I heard that around 20 groups(Kou) participate this parade every year. They are gathering from not only Zoshigaya/Kishibojin area but also the area throughout Tokyo.

Kishibojin was filled with Kous and the spectators.
Was anyone there?

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15 October, 2006

Oeshiki is coming soon!

Lee and Shige visited Kishibojin again to see the preparation of Oeshiki this morning.

In the street, there were many decorated floats, Mantou, standing by for the parade.

According to the tradition, when the buddihst dignitary Nichiren died, cherry blossoms were bloomed, although it was autumn. They say these decorations express that cherry blossoms.

It was early morning, so few people there. But in the evening, you'll hear the practice of hand-drums.
This is the goal of the parade, Houmeiji temple.

On the side path of Houmeiji temple...What are you looking for, Lee?

Look! Ikebukuro's landmark, Sunshine 60 and autumn sky.

Cool, clear and crisp. I love morning walking!

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